About Gaucin

Gaucin in Andalucia is the balcony of the Serrania de Ronda overlooking the plains of the Campo de Gibraltar and offering stunning views to Gibraltar and Morocco beyond.

Gaucin is arguably the prettiest village in the Serrania de Ronda and undeniably occupies the best position due to the unrivalled views towards the Mediterranean Sea and Africa beyond.

An example of Gaucin's beautiful Medeteranian views
Another example of Gaucin's beautiful Serrania de Ronda views

Despite its turbulent past with invasions by Phoenicians, Visigoths, Romans and Moors, Gaucin today is a haven of peace. No-one rushes anywhere, the pace of life is gentle and visitors are soon imbued with a sense of well-being. The village is situated at the end of the mountains of the Serrania de Ronda in an elevated position with the remains of the Moorish castle as a romantic backdrop and a maze of streets and alleys that straddle below it. It is fortunate to have a large number of architecturally desirable properties that have remained unspoilt. There are several good restaurants and bars and interesting shops selling local products and works by village artisans.

A restaurant in Gaucin
A view looking out over Gaucin

In addition to its own charms, Gaucin benefits from its easy access to the coast, which is only thirty minutes away. Days at the beach or a round of golf at the many courses of the Costa del Sol are an attractive option. The historic town of Ronda with its breathtaking bridge and lively atmosphere is just a forty-minute drive through stunning mountain scenery.

This is a highly sought after destination for both holidays and property purchase that has retained its typical Spanish character and integrity.