About Us

Real Ronda began renting houses and villas in 1996 in the Ronda area – initially for friends that lived locally. However word soon spread within both the Spanish and Expatriate communities that it was not just those who lived here who had a passion for the area, but there were people who would love to visit for a holiday.

The business thrived and we are happy to have provided accommodation for thousands of people, some of whom have been smitten enough to buy property and settle down here also. In all we have some eighty houses for rent both reasonably priced and expensive to suit all pockets. All have swimming pools and some spectacular views of the countryside in an area defined by its history and culture. The weather, attitude to life and a certain civility, all combine to draw one to this place and which has enhanced our lives for the last twenty years.

Real Ronda Villa Painting
Real Ronda Villa Patio

There are three members of staff on hand at the Spanish office to ensure your holiday runs smoothly. In the event of local difficulties we aim to resolve them as quickly as we are able. Occasionally things do go wrong but we do act to resolve any problems as responsibly as possible. A guide is placed in all properties ( if it has been removed then please inform us and it will be replaced) giving local information but we are also available to answer specific questions.

Real Ronda Ltd is a UK registered company and as such is governed by UK and relevant European legislation. We are members of ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) and have financial insurance as a necessary condition of our membership. ABTA does scrutinise its members carefully to ensure that they offer a good service with a necessary level of financial backing. This is the advantage to booking with a professional agency such a Real Ronda over and above making a direct booking with an owner.
We have viewed the properties and accepted them the criteria of quality, location and service provided by the owners themselves.

Above all we genuinely want our customers to enjoy a good holiday – have time out to relax and appreciate the special nature of the region of the Serrania de Ronda – and hopefully come back for more!