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News and Events in Andalucia

News & Events

This guide is to help guests with a wide variety of information about the area of Andalucia, interesting places to visit and experience. We also put up dates of current events in Ronda Gaucin and surrounding towns and cities such as Seville, Jerez and Malaga.

Image of child participating in the carnival

Malaga Carnival 2019

Start Date: 13 Mar 19

End Date: 16 Mar 19

Location: Plaza de la Constitucion, Malaga (centro)

Carnival in Malaga is one of the biggest events in Spain thanks to its colourful and multicultural ethnicity.

festival in granada

Festival del Cruces de Mayo

Start Date: 03 May 19

End Date: 03 May 19

Location: Granada

This festival in Granada takes place each year at the begining of May which involves much dancing and singing, flamenco music and competitions. The city is bedecked with flowers, as many residents compete for the prizes on offer for the best decorates squares and plazas.


ronda feria 2019

Feria Goyesca de Ronda

Start Date: 04 Sep 19

End Date: 08 Sep 19

Location: Ronda

The Feria Goyesca de Ronda , named after the renound painter, is the highlight of the year in Ronda with many street celebrations, concerts and events and culminates on the final day , the Sunday with a display of horses and carriages in the bull ring.


horse fair of jerez andalucia

Horse Fair of Jerez

Start Date: 11 May 19

End Date: 18 May 19

Location: Jerez

Each year Jerez de la Frontera holds a horse fair that dates back centuries. It is a fabulous spectacle for the whole family to enjoy.

ronda romantica festival

Ronda Romantica Festival

Start Date: 23 May 19

End Date: 27 May 19

Location: Ronda

 Travel in time to the Romantic Ronda that will take place this year between May 23 and 27. Five important days  in Ronda where you can enjoy the equestrian exhibitions, parades and especially taste the most emblematic products of the area (wines, sausages, cheeses etc.), buy in the market of agro-food and artisans  and take part in an endless number of other activities that will take you back to another era.


spring fair seville

Feria De Sevilla

Start Date: 04 May 19

End Date: 11 May 19

Location: Seville

 The Seville Fair traditionally starts two  weeks after Easter, in a huge area in Los Remedios (map), . This is a week of serious dancing, drinking, eating and socialising, with very late nights. The sheer size of the April Fair's spectacle is extraordinary. From around midday until early evening - especially on Tuesday, the first official day - Sevilla society parades around the fairground in carriages or on horseback.