coronavirus update


We understand that these are concerning times for anyone anticipating travel to Spain. At Real Ronda we are continually monitering the situation with regard to the Coronavirus outbreak on a daily basis and will make every effort to support our customers.

If your flight has been cancelled/ re-scheduled and you can no longer travel to your destination you should speak to your insurers and ourselves to discuss your options. Wherever possible we will endeavour to postpone villa bookings to later in the year 2020. However if you do not wish to travel at a different date we advise all customers to check their travel insurance which will cover them for their expenses already incurred and our normal booking conditions and cancellation charges will apply.

Please do be aware that we are members of ABTA with the membership number W7000 - we are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA's Code of Conduct. Furthermore we are insured ourselves for full financial security.

As restrictions have been relaxed, many of us are now in a position to travel and take that long awaited holiday.

However, life has changed, and we are all still being required to take responsibility and to think of each other more than we have perhaps done in the past. As we travel, we will be moving between cultures and will experience different norms and expectations in different countries.

In Spain everyone is required to wear a mask in all public spaces and to maintain social distancing at all times, in order to reduce the possibility of infecting others. This measure has been adopted willingly out of mutual respect. The fine for non-compliance is €100. The other consequence of non-compliance could be a greater reluctance to welcome tourists from countries where attitudes differ. So, as the saying goes- ’when in Rome...’

During your stay you may have staff come to the house and we would ask you, respectfully, to maintain your distance. when cleaners come into the house, please sit in the garden or poolside area whilst they do their work inside.

Also remember that you must bring a photocopy of your passport. This will be of more importance under the current situation.

If any member of your party becomes ill during your stay with symptoms of Covid 19, please contact our local office immediately. We recommend that prior to travel you take out insurance that will cover the costs of treatment and relocation whilst in quarantine and change of flights. Also make sure that you have a valid EU. Medical card, which gives you access to the public health service.

For UK citizens follow the link below for guidance.


Citizens from other countries should seek advice from their own respective governments.


If you have a complaint you may contact ABTA, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EG