The Gardens Are Still Growing


Whilst you are unable to visit us in Andalucia we at Real Ronda wanted to bring a piece of Southern Spain to you. While the world has come to a standstill in the wake of something we are unable to see, nature is still changing, developing and growing, despite all that mankind has done to inhibit its existence. In this context we have decided to get together in our isolation -please forgive the oxymoron- and contribute images from our own gardens to show how there is an abundance of life in spite of us.

April and May are the best months to exhibit the glories of spring in this region so we have asked gardeners (some of whom will be familiar to you) and owners themselves to share with you over the coming months what you would have experienced first hand. We will be updating every week, so log on to see what is happening. We have asked for a variety of images so we may see some wildlife in here as well. Who knows what will spring forth.

                luxury villa garden andalucia                                               villa garden andalucia    


Latest photographs from El Jardin de las Aromas set in Finca La Almuña, south of Gaucin. This is a much loved garden that has matured over many years under the stewardship of the wonderful gardener Jose Maria. The wisteria is out as are the exotic Birds of Paradise!

 andalucian garden for villa holiday

 villa garden andalucia

Here at Finca la Cabra, around the pool in the courtyard, Paco who is well known to so many, has snapped the new Margerita's that are coming out in abundance.



Our first contribution came from Fernando, who has been the gardener at El Ventorillo for many years - he puts in over twenty hours a week to keep the gardens and pool up to scratch. He is also a bit of a whizz when it comes to any form of maintenance. A much valued employee and it seems not bad with a camera.

house_and _garden_andalucia

  garden andalucia   garden andalucia