Guide to Andalucia

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Guide to Andalucia

Before you travel to Andalucia you may wish to learn a little more about the area and what to expect from your visit. We have members of staff located at Ronda to offer advice and information. Our Guest Relations Manager makes every effort to visit as many guests as she can. However in the meantime you can plan ahead to see some of the wondersful sights that Andalucia has to offer. The gastronomy of the area is exciting and there are plenty of tapas bars with a difference and restaurants to sample the local fare.

This is without doubt a special area of Southern Spain, indeed if not in Southern Europe as a whole. Music is also an essential part of Andalucian life so we try to keep up to date with any music events going on. Malaga, the capital of the province, has changed a great deal in recent years and there are now a number of gallery's and museums worth a visit for those interested in the Arts. Sporting activities are also high on the agenda with cycling a hugely popular activity and there is one of the most experienced hang-glider instructors at the village of Algodonales. Horseriding of course is quite essentially an Andalucian activity and if you do not ride then a visit to the Jerez Horsefair in May is not to be missed.

Keep in mind that tickets for the most popular highlights need to be booked well in advance. Early reservations are also advisable for the many excursions and activities that are offered throughout the area.